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For those up-and-comers who looking for Latest Research Assistant Careers In USA, this is the best chance for them. Here we give the most recent USA Gov Open position from this page by USA National Government Careers.

A great deal of open positions have been declared by the USA gov, and looking for persevering, gifted, and all around disciplined contender for Latest Research Assistant Careers In USA. As of late the USA jobs entrance affirms the Latest Research Assistant Careers In USA. This notification is reported Research Office required new ability to fill for their numerous deficiencies of competitors.

You can secure one job of the following USA jobs ,Research Assistant. Most of the US civilian wants to join Latest Research Assistant Careers In USA, government jobs the reason is that Research is the best well-known department which does many schemes under the USA Government.

Announcement Detail of Research Assistant Careers

This position is situated in the Customer Financial Insurance Agency, Division of Research Markets and Guidelines, Office of Research. The goal of this position would be to gather and examine information from essential sources, foster solid reports, and plan monetary, factual, or financial investigations on clear cut inquiries.

Facilities of Research Assistant Jobs

  • Paid Time Off: All eligible employees are entitled to paid vacation
  • Holiday and sick leave.
  • Paid Training and Education: While not guaranteed
  • student loan repayment programs, signing bonuses, relocation reimbursement.
  • paid training and tuition assistance may be available.
Research Assistant Careers
Research Assistant Careers

Responsibilities and Requirements


  1. Make and maintain shared data sets; handle the timeliness and integrity of information; keep documentation of data set substance and information streams to ensure that future affirmation and propagation of results can happen, coordinating assignments of others as important; make reports and supply information on data set substance to support the requests of bearing, information maintainers, and information helpful.
  2. Utilize various financial and measurable examination and plan techniques that are used by market analysts, clinicians, and analysts for study.
  3. Foster ability in straightforward factual sampling and modeling to give specialized guide to researchers and strategy examiners.
  4. Make modifications in present information gathering and factual administration cycles and help out with survey and reception of new cycles, utilize a top to bottom understanding of their source information and information control strategies.


  1. Background investigation
  2. You must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. National
  3. May be required to serve a probationary period.
  4. Public Trust background investigation will be required


  • Research assistant positions candidate need to meet explicit schooling prerequisites which are summed up in the certifications area. You need to submit records or equivalent.
  • The schooling for the most part must be from an authorized (or even pre-certify) college or school perceived by the U.S. Division of Instruction.
  • Alongside the culmination of necessities for a Four year college education in one of those subjects explained under the”Qualifications” area (Financial aspects, Math, Numerical Measurements, Insights, or Software engineering), candidates should likewise satisfy the qualifying/specific ability or potentially schooling replacement.
  • Further Details On Qualification For Research Assistant
How To Apply
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  • Sign in to USAJOBS, create your profile, and upload your resume.
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Where can I search for the latest research assistant careers in the USA?

You can search for the latest research assistant positions in the USA on job search websites, university career pages, research institutions’ websites, and professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

How do I start my job search for research assistant positions?

Start your job search by using relevant keywords, such as “research assistant,” “research associate,” or specific research areas, and include your location if you’re looking for jobs near you.

Are there specific qualifications required for research assistant roles?

Qualifications can vary based on the research field and the employer’s requirements. Typically, research assistants have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field and relevant research experience.

Can I find research assistant positions near my location?

Yes, you can search for research assistant positions near your location by using job search platforms with location filters. Consider looking for positions in universities, research institutions, and medical centers in your area.